How We Started

Mission American began as a haven for food enthusiasts to follow the latest food trends. We then decided to create unique recipes and cooking techniques for home kitchens everywhere. We wanted to infuse newbies with kitchen confidence and gift experts with new cooking lessons. Our goal isn’t only to teach the art and science of food, but also to help people enjoy the goodness of well-cooked meals

Our Recipes

Are you tired of recycling the same old salad or cheesecake every time? We have a variety of recipes that work, and you’ll find the latest ones on our homepage. We develop many of these recipes, and we always give credit to the few that aren’t ours. We’ve tested these recipes in our home kitchen countless times, and both kids and adults love them.

You won’t find us coking fussy foods with strange ingredients that nobody knows. All our recipes comprise ingredients that you can find in your local grocery store. Whether you’re vegan, a meat-lover, or gluten-free, there’s a recipe for you on Mission American.

Cooking Lessons

At Mission American, we teach how to cook and not just what to cook. Ever wonder why the same meal from separate kitchens or restaurants tastes differently? Our cooking tips will educate you on several cooking styles and the uniqueness of each.

Our lessons feature some regular American dishes, but we uniquely cook them, showing you different ways to cook one meal. For instance, you can learn 50 ways to cook with sweet corn or 100 ways to make a salad.

Our instructional cooking content includes pictures and videos to enhance the learning process. You’ll be able to grow your cooking confidence with our kitchen tips and tutorials. Our cooking techniques are reliable, and you can bear witness when you check our special occasion meals. Yes, we do have unique methods of making Thanksgiving dessert, Valentine’s day treat, and Christmas dinner, that you can’t get elsewhere.

We have dishes that you can whip out in less than 30 minutes, which is good since time is precious. You’ll also find a few high-brow cuisines, but with simplified cooking methods, such that everyone can make them.

Keep In Touch

You can keep up with Mission American on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or by subscribing to our newsletter. We have a contact form if you'd prefer to send us an email.